Services Provided

Pap smears
It is important to have a pap smear within 2 years of becoming sexually active. Pap smears should then be repeated at least every 2 years to age 70 and more often if indicated.
Pap results are available within a week and a referral for further tests and treatment will be offered if indicated.
Breast check/ Mammogram
Breast examination should be performed annually by a doctor and more often if indicated.
Self breast examination will be taught and should be performed monthly.
Referral for mammogram and /or ultrasound will be recommended if indicated. Screening mammograms are recommended from age 40.
Menopause Assessment
Menopause assessment (including blood tests and bone mineral density tests) may be indicated particularly for women who have symptoms or have osteoporosis (thinning of the bones). A family history of osteoporosis is significant and Dr Jacobs will advise if further investigation is necessary.
Treatment will be recommended if indicated.
Certain oral contraceptives may cause unwanted side effects such as weight gain or acne. Dr Jacobs will discuss an alternative pill or method if necessary.
Menstrual Disorders
Menstrual disorders effect many women and are often due to hormonal imbalances. It is important to have an assessment to exclude underlying problems that may require treatment. Referral for pelvic ultrasound and to a gynaecologist may be necessary in certain cases. Dr Jacobs will arrange these when appropriate.
Pelvic Infection/ STD/ Urinary Tract Infection
If you suspect you have an infection (STD), it is important to have this diagnosed promptly as early treatment can prevent complications such as infertility or spread to partners.
Early Pregnancy
Early pregnancy management and advice is available (including referral for 12 week antenatal blood testing, early pregnancy scans / nuchal scans and referral to an Antenatal Clinic or Obstetrician).
Termination Of Pregnancy Advice
Dr Jacobs offers counseling on this sensitive matter and can refer you to a termination clinic if necessary.

General Preventative Health Assessment
Dr Jacobs offers General Preventative Health assessments. These include clinical examination including blood pressure, referral for blood tests to screen for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Bowel cancer. Referral for further more specialized testing will be given if appropriate.